Photo by: Robyn Schwab

All Copy Rights Reserved by Hailee Potter

Hailee Potter was born and raised in the Woodbury, Minnesota. She stayed in the Midwest throughout her early twenties, obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art at Cornell College, in Mt.Vernon, IA. In 2014, this Midwestern lad has left for the south to explore new opportunities and experience much warmer weather, without snow. She recently graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA.

Her work explores issues of human perception, identity, and social norms that are present in today's society. She wants to empower others to see the world in a different light, stripped of society's expectations, exposing the raw truths of the human condition that are rarely discussed. Furthermore, Potter creates images that question the definitions of portraiture and its perceived meanings of truth. Her style is simple and straightforward, but complex in its process. Her work falls in between straight portraiture and staged narratives. While photography is her primary focus, she enjoys non-objective painting and ceramics; she enjoys interweaving these art forms together to break down the barriers between the different forms of art.

Potter enjoys asking questions and finding answers. Since she was a little girl, art has always been the way she addressed the questions she is most curious about. Potter likes to make people think. She asks questions because she is curious and wants people to be curious with her. She believes that photography is the best medium for tying visual perception and human perception together.