Open Boundaries, 2018

Loosen Art

This call will select artworks capable to give evidence of a world without boundaries, the one characterized by communication channels and new media that man himself has built to overcome the barriers that hinder the encounter and contact between humans and the natural world in which he lives. A world where immigration and emigration concepts is understood as the innate need of man in favor of the development of civilization, if not as a primordial instinct for the survival of his own species.


Imitation of Life . 2017 

Loosen Art

The title of this book, which aims to collect different artistic experimentations insisting on the same topics, has a long history behind his shoulders. Imitation of life is a romance by Fannie Hurst (1933), then become a film – two films actually: the first shot in 1934, and the second one reissued in 1959 –, but it is also a song played by the American band R.E.M. (2001). Besides their inevitable differences, in both cases they tell stories about the fake, sometimes cruel world of the show business, which means Hollywood, as well as fashion and theatre. 
In the end, this is the precise connection with the artworks collected in this book: even if distantly related to the show business, they highlight the evanescence and, sometimes, the duplicity of the world we live in. 
As remarked by Guy Debord in his well-known essay, The society of the spectacle, the “lived reality suffers the material assaults of the spectacle’s mechanisms of contemplation, incorporating the spectacular order and lending that order positive support”. In a similar vein, one can find traces of that in the artworks here shown, images of a ‘double’ world, where it is difficult to separate and recognize the real from the unreal, the lie from the truth.

Unity, Volume I. 2017 (magazine publication forthcoming)

Blended Zine. 


Blended zine was founded in late 2016 by Elizabeth Coetzee. Blended is an independent collective art zine created by artists living on the east coast. Our goal is to provide an empowering community where we showcase the work of rising and game-changing artists.


Art as Resistance: Permanent Online Collection. 2017

Strange Fire Collective

Call and Response: Art as Resistance features artists from 17 countries making work in response to the current social and political climate in the United States.

This exhibition is hosted in collaboration with the Center for Fine Art Photography, Colorado Photographic Arts Center and Month of Photography Denver. March 31st, 2017/


SPE 5th International Combined Caucus Exhibition Book. 2017

Juried by Renee Cox

Edifice by J.  Sybylla Smith

This exhibit conflates photographs culled from three distinctly- identified groups contained within a larger community of visual artists. The sole unifying commonality is their collaboration with a camera. Behind each lens, used to create each image, is an individual- seeking to make visible, aspects of their constructs, their container, their I. Together, here, we make a dwelling. We enter into what I consider sacred space, where we engage in a  communion, an intimate experience of receiving, with another I. In all their glorious individuality these images share the quest for identity. They seek to expose perceptions, document assimilation, and reveal truth. Intimate and provocative they each bear witness to the construction of the unique and transformative experience of what it means to be human. The Shakespearian character, Hamlet, hints at a partial depiction of what it means to be alive. In reply to his now notorious, rhetorical question, "To be or not to be?", he uses sleep as a metaphor for death, and as a reprieve from what it means to live. He states in sleep, " we can end the heartache, and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to." Indeed our flesh, our container for our I, is infinitely impacted by feelings and experiences generated and regenerated, internally and externally. These bold artists seek to metaphorically and/or literally regard the imprints and reverberations of forces including ethnicity, gender, nationality, economic realities, and societal expectation. They courageously mine their experience of family, desire, and sexuality to reflect how these sculpt memos, dreams and a sense of belonging. They generously allow us to dwell in their space, and by so doing, illuminate our own. 

Opening reception March 25th 2017. Orlando, FL 


Open Field, Volume  45. 2012

Cornell College, Mount Vernon, IA


A collection of poetry and art from the students at Cornell College.